About Us

Since 1993, Southern Hydrocarbon Corporation has served the
Natural Gas Industry in West Virginia and the Marcellus Shale Region by
providing a full range of gas sample analysis, drilling engineering
consultants, field services,  construction, environmental clean-up, and
products associated with gas production. 


In addition to H2S Testing, our laboratory specializes in
Total Sulfur Testing, Extended Analysis, Carbon Dioxide Testing, Water Testing, and Soil Testing. Gas samples may be delivered in tedlar bags or metal cylinders for testing by on-site chromatographs and results can be faxed, mailed or transmitted electronically.


The drilling and engineering of new and existing gas wells
takes on all forms. Southern Hydrocarbon Corporation offers consultants
specializing in all areas, including location-mapping, directional and
horizontal drilling, cementing, well-stimulation, and well completion.


Southern Hydrocarbon actively seeks opportunities to partner
with individuals and companies to drill new and overhaul existing wells.