Consulting Services 

in Drilling & Completion

Stemming from years of expertise in the Oil & Gas industry, Southern Hydrocarbon Corporation provides engineers and well-site consultants with in-depth expertise in drilling, completion, workover, plug and abandon, and production intervention services.  

Our well-site supervisors have experience covering the spectrum from initial MIRU through completion. Additionally, we provide engineering assistance in planning completions, workovers, including recommended downhole and surface equipment, sand control and on-site rig supervision.

We provide expert consultants to oversee specialty areas such as isotope injection, tracer surveys, log analysis, re-entries, acid jobs, Nitrogen and CO2 stimulation, Hydraulic fracking, and velocity strings.  

We have experience in stimulation in multiple shale plays.  Our consultants currently serve in multiple shale plays including Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky.

Contact us today to see how Southern Hydrocarbon can meet all of your drilling and completion consulting needs.  

Providing Consultants For

Industry Leaders including: