Environmental Response Products

We are your resource for all SpillTech sorbent Mats, Kits, and Containment Products.  We can meet all your needs for on-the-spot spill response.  

 Soap Sticks

We offer a full range of oil and water soap sticks including anti-freeze sticks and corrosion inhibitor.  Our exclusive anti-freeze stick allows continued production in cold weather without surface equipment freezing.    Click here for an extensive list of all our soap stick products.  Contact us for detailed product specification sheets for all our soap sticks.  

Industrial Cleaning Products

We offer a full range of industrial cleaning products including our  EXCLUSIVE BLUE DOG RIG WASH.  Blue Dog is a high performance cleaner and degreaser designed to remove the toughest institutional debris and grime.

Drilling CHemicals

We offer a full range of drilling chemicals and surfactants such as:

Salt Dissolvers, Cationic Drilling Foam, Defoamer, Melt Down Paraffin Solvent, and Clay Treat.  Contact us for a full list of offerings and detailed product specifications.

UnManned Aerial Vehicle IMAGERY

We use the following drones: DJI Inspire 1, DJI S1000 & Skyjib 8
Our cameras are all capable of at least 25mp and 4K video

We now have the capabilities to do aerial imagery for:
3-D Mapping, Surveying, Inspection (Pipeline, Well Pad, etc), Construction (Pre & Post), Forestry, Disaster Relief, Environmental Compliance, Hazardous Materials Spill Tracking, 
Bridge Inspection & Real Estate 

We can go 80% where planes and helicopters go and 100% where they can't for a fraction of the price and we can be deployed in minutes.
Over 10 years experience and licensed through the FAA.